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Entry #3

Demithyst Collab

2008-10-22 16:04:07 by LeonardRawles

I need to progress more quickly with the Demithyst series, but I dont want to compromise on quality and hopefully, a collab is the way to go?

There is a really good story here and I'd like to tell it in a way that does it justice.

Any ideas and/or suggestions?

The Demithyst project's website is on, where the project's history can be looked at. A full script exists for the entire story. I need graphics done in a consistent style either 2D and/or 3D, in the same vein as the existing Demithyst parts (1-5 are here on Newgrounds.


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2008-10-22 16:10:41

before kaneda-X can ........cock joke!

(Updated ) LeonardRawles responds:

Ah, yes...the children also have come to play with that which they do not understand.


2008-10-22 20:10:37

so, I hear u liek munchlax

LeonardRawles responds:

And yet again, the children speak with no sense of relevance and/or spelling. Honestly, I expect too much from the run of the mill newground user.


2009-10-19 17:52:48

I just decided to see how you where going , kinda hadn't got time for anything last couple of months / years , i hope this speeds up the creation of your stuff.

i'd be glad to help you but im a flash N00b and i cant rly see any otherway i can help outside of trying to get ppl to watch demithyst.

Peace MobMaster